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Hardware & Software Requirements

Recommendations and Limitations

This section lists requirements and recommendations for hardware and configurations

Hardware Requirements and Recommendations When Running DAST CLI

The following hardware configurations are required or recommended:

Minimum Requirements

  • RAM: 8GB-16GB

  • The number of CPUs will depend on the level of concurrency et for the various jobs:

    Each DAST CLI worker should have 3 GB and 2 CPUs available.


    • Set a virtual Linux machine with 16GB and 4 VCPU.

    • Set two Checkmarx One-workers with a limit of 3GB and 2 VCPUs.

Operating System

Run the DAST CLI in any operating system that supports Docker, such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux.



  • During the performance tests, we noticed that for very large environments (1000+ URLs) we faced an abnormal amount of CPU consumption on the DB. Therefore it is recommended to use filters (on the configuration file) or increase overall system/environment resources.


  • DAST has a time-out limit of two hours and forty-five minutes when running from Checkmarx One. If more time is needed, we advise running DAST from a pipeline.

  • DAST has a 150MB zip file limit to upload the results into Checkmarx One.