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9.6.0 Hotfixes

Installation Notes


  • Hotfixes and content packs are cumulative and include previous hotfix/content package updates.

  • The relevant hotfix must be installed on the CxManager server(s). In a distributed environment, the hotfix must also be installed on the Web Portal server.

  • After upgrades (major versions or hotfixes) or Content Pack updates, it is highly recommended to first run full scans before running incremental scans.

Resolved Issues and Changes


Resolved Issues

HF3 11/12/23

ActiveMQ version was replaced with version 5.17.6


Resolved Issues

HF2 10/3/23

Fixed an issue where GIT scans failed when the default value of the SourcePullingTemporaryPath was changed.

Fixed a bug where moving projects from one team to another while filters were applied overwrote an existing project name.

Added a new checkbox in the UI to enable or disable the support for wildcard * in LDAP management. The default behavior will remain as is for customers without wildcard support.

Changed the color of the Auth Plain authentication method button to be more visible.

Added missing translations in Access Control pages. Languages added: Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, French, and Spanish.

Added the ability to block LDAP user access to the SAST UI.

Fixed the logout URL configured in SAML, which redirected to a broken page.


Resolved Issues


Resolved an issue in the SAST web portal that caused the result status to be incorrectly displayed in the generated CSV reports.

Fixed a performance issue caused in the Results Viewer page, by controlling the query timeout with the CxComponentConfiguration\SqlExecuteCommandTimeout configuration key.

Fixed a performance issue caused in the Results Viewer page, by providing an additional timeout adjustment for backend SOAP calls with the new web.config\CxPriorityWebServicesTimeout configuration key.

Fixed an issue with PDF scan reports that prevented files from being included under the Scanned Files section of the reports. This occurred for files with long paths.

Fixed an issue to prevent null values when configuring JIRA custom fields in the project settings.

Fixed an issue for plugins (CLI, ADO, Jenkins, TeamCity, and Bamboo ) that wouldn’t start to scan for the project with Location = Source Control.