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Checkmarx One Support can be found on the navigation panel.



A request for the Checkmarx AppSec (Application Security) assistance about a discovered security vulnerability can be submitted for additional information or guidance.

For additional information see Requiring AppSec HD (Help Desk) Assistance

The Support menu options are:


Documentation contains up-to-date technical documentation covering all aspects of Checkmarx One.

Included in this section are links to the newest versions of the:

  • Release Notes which contain the newest features and improvements to the platform.

  • General Product Information which is relevant across all elements of the platform, such as, web application, API and integrations.

  • Checkmarx One Quick Start Guide which offers assistance in getting started with the platform’s basic functionalities and features.

  • Checkmarx One User Guide with in-depth information, task-oriented instructions and visuals on how to best use Checkmarx One.

  • Checkmarx One Platform SCM Integrations providing instructions on integrating Checkmarx One into some of the most popular IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) and CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) platforms and full integration with most SCMs.

  • Checkmarx One CLI Tool with comprehensive information on the Command Line Interface standalone tool.

  • Checkmarx One IDE Plugins where links to specialized plugins to integrate Checkmarx One to IDEs and CI/CD platforms are provided. The main features, prerequisites and instruction on how to integrate each of the options is covered.

  • Checkmarx One CI/CD Integrations has the different options for CI/CD integrations, along with the main features, prerequisites and instructions for each option.

  • Checkmarx One API Documentation providing information on the functionality of Checkmarx One’s REST APIs. A list of Checkmarx One’s external APIs and links are provided by category.

  • Migrating from SAST to Checkmarx One which includes in-depth information, such as limitations and differences between the systems and instructions on the processes, when migrating from SAST to Checkmarx One.

Open Feature Request

Open Feature Request provides the opportunity for a customer to request the implementation of a specific feature into the product.

To open a feature request, perform the following:

  1. Click Support

  2. Click Open Feature Request


    The Open Feature Request form is displayed.

  3. Enter your Name

  4. Enter your Email

  5. Select the Area for your request from the options provided:

    Application if you have a request that directly affects the Checkmarx One application.

    Integration if there is an additional integration that you require.

    Plugins if there is a plugin that you require, that is not already included in Checkmarx One.

    Access Control if you have additional access control requirements. For example, if password authentication alone is not considered sufficient security, a form of multi-factor authentication could be requested.

    Other is for any other requirement not listed above.

  6. Provide a Feature Description that will assist the support team in obtaining a better understanding of the request.

  7. Click Send

Contact Support

Contact Support enables contact with specialists, who can promptly assist with any queries or issues.

To contact support, perform the following:

  1. Click Support

  2. Click Contact Support from the menu.


    The Contact Support form is displayed.

  3. Enter your Email

  4. Select the Region and Timezone from the dropdown lists.

  5. Select the Topic from the dropdown list, so that the correct specialist can address your request.

    The available topics are:

    Configuration for questions and troubleshooting regarding engines, projects, Apps and presets.

    Documentation for any questions regarding the documentation provided.

    General for any general questions about the platform.

    License for license related issues.

    UI regarding the User Interface and how it is used.

    User Management for any issues with adding users, configuring authentication and authorization, identity providers, LDAP, groups, roles or OAuth Clients.

    Reports for any queries regarding the available reporting features.

    Scans for issues when scanning your projects, viewing scan results, or using scanners. When this option is selected a different form is displayed. See Topic Scans below for information on this form.

  6. Select the Scanner from the dropdown list.

  7. Add a Subject for the issue.

    For example: How can I add a custom role?

  8. Provide a Description that indicates what is required, for example, I would like to add my own custom roles to use with a specific Group.

  9. Select a Priority

    The priorities are:

    Normal where the system is usable with some minor failures or there is a question regarding the product.

    High where the system is partially inoperative but still usable.

    Urgent where the system is not accessible or unresponsive.

  10. Select Upload File to add any relevant screenshots or files that will assist the support team in understanding the issue.

  11. Click Contact Support to complete the request.

Topic Scans

  1. Enter your Email

  2. Select the Region and Timezone from the dropdown lists.

  3. Select Scans from the Topic dropdown list.


    The Scan ID field is added.

  4. Select the Scanner used for the scan, for example, SAST.

  5. Copy the Scan Id from the Scan Result

  6. Add a Subject, for example, Scan Failed.

  7. Provide a Description that indicates what is required, for example, I am unable to determine why this scan failed.

  8. Select a Priority of Normal, High or Urgent, (see point 9. above for explanation).

  9. Select Upload File to add any logs, scan details, screenshots or files that will assist the support team in obtaining a better understanding of the issue.

    To obtain the logs from Scan Result:

    1. Click the ellipses More_Options.png

    2. Click Download Logs

  10. Click Contact Support to complete the request.