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Hotfix (HF) Silent Installation Mode

In order to run the Silent Installation Mode, run it from the command line with the '-cmd' parameter (for example, C:\Temp>HF_name -cmd)

In addition, a command line call to HF.exe with the parameter '-h' or '-?' (for example, C:\Temp>9.4HF3.exe -h) will print the existing parameter options. Using any other parameter will print an error message, existing parameter options, and will exit installation with code '-1'.

Error Codes

  • Any successful installation (Win or CLI) will exit with code '0'

  • Any failed installation (Win or CLI) will exit with code '1'

  • Any call to the installer with incorrect parameters will exit with code '-1' without initiation of the installation

At the end of any execution (succeed, fail, or help print) the hotfix will keep the CMD windows open for five seconds to enable viewing of the error code.

Hotfix installation logs can be found in the Checkmarx installation folder: C:\Program Files\Checkmarx\Logs\Installation\

If the hotfix Installation doesn’t start (for example, hotfix initiated on wrong version), the log can be found in: %temp%\